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Kingston, New York
Fall 2017
Academic, Arch 403, Pratt Institute
Professor Adam Elstein

The project explores how to produce a linear architecture that can be added to the existing urban armature-Green Line. It was a railway line that crosses through midtown Kingston but abandoned years ago. Today, the local community and government plan to renovate it into a network of urban trails, walkable sidewalks, and bikeways.

The location of the project is a fenced area where original for storage and small factories. Since the industry moved out in the last century, the land was abandoned and separates the residential area and business area. The proposal of this project aims to create residential spaces and public services for intergenerational artists. It follows the local government policy that introduces art industry into this area and also meets the needs of people in the local communities. 

Introduction  01

Site analysis  plan-01-01.jpg

Site Analysis   02

urban scale [转换]-01.jpg

After studying the existing environment of midtown Kingston by using the GIS system, the discrepancy between residential space and commercial space is obvious. This organization causes the local residents to walk a long distance daily commuting with limited transportation resources. This project aims to solve this dilemma. The residential buildings are connected to the public working spaces. People don’t have to walk outside the building but daily routines are within one building.

Public And Private   03

The public programs include the art gallery, office, and design studio which provide the artists with co-working spaces. The public area is accessible both from the residential area and from the exterior. People can also walk or bike on a skywalk which crosses through the entire project.

04   Public Amenities

axon of public-01.jpg
hours 1-01.jpg
unit 1-2 [转换]-01.jpg

Young Artist Unit Diagram



Shared Kitchen

Shared Dining

Public Film Space

1 [转换]-01.jpg

The apartments for the young artist are designed based on the habits of young people. Most of the apartments are single room or studio. Shared public film space, kitchen, dining space, and gym are inserted in the building for the young artist who willing to be social with others.

Young Artist Unit   05

hours 2-01.jpg
unit 3-4 [转换]-01.jpg

Artist Family Unit Diagram






Shared Dining

Shared Kitchen


The apartments for middle-age artist contain two bedrooms which designed for them and their family. Because the residents are different, the public programs are designed for cross-generation. From playground which designed for children to library which designed for elder, the programs can gather different families to communicate. 

Artist Family Unit   06

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