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Downtown, Manhattan, New York
Spring 2017
Academic, Arch 402, Pratt Institute
Professor Dan Bucsescu
Project Archived by Pratt

The music installation consists of a group of tubes that can move up and down. In the interactive mode, sensors on the ceiling can capture the face direction of people. The tubes in front of the people will move down into the ground and create a path for people to walk into the installation. When people are far away, the non-interactive mode lets the tubes move based on the music which imitates the flow of the cloud.

Introduction   01

Section+2 plans try1-01.jpg
installation diagram org [转换]-01.jpg
installation section diagram-01.jpg

Mechanical   02


The musical installation, "The Cloud", is located at the ground level of the WTC Grand Theater. Please visit the page "WTC Grand Theater" or click on the drawing on the left to the designs.

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