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Kingston, New York
Fall 2017
Elements of Landscape Arch, Pratt Institute
Professor Signe Nielson

This project is a landscape design of affordable housing courtyard for elder people. This housing project consists of two linear structures which intertwine each other. One line is for residential and another is for public service. This landscape project is between these two lines where has height differences in topography.


The courtyard provides the elder people a place to walk around. Considered about some of the elder people use wheelchairs, a ramp is designed which zigzag in the courtyard to meet the requirement of the accessibility of ADA. Consistent with the concept of the building, the landscape design also uses the concept of intertwining. Another path is created and intertwines with the ramp for wheelchair. The intersections of them are the shortcuts connect the residential area and the public area.


Thinking about the privacy of the residential area, the landscape also functions as a transitional area from the public to private. Not only provide pleasing landscape, but the trees and shrubs also prevent the direct visual connection between these two areas. 

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