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Westwood, Massachusetts 
Fall 2019 (half semester)
Partner Qiuyi Bian
Instructor Julia Watson
Academic, UPD Core, Harvard GSD

Westwood, a place with the natural landscape and convenient transportation system in the Northeast region can attract high technology companies and their downstream startup companies to locate headquarters for the next technical revolution. This project is exploring a new form of sharing economy on the urban scale.

Considering the introduction of industrials, the high-tech company is the target group. There are many high-tech companies along Route 128 due to the convenient traffic and low cost in the suburban area of Boston. This route has a long history and tradition to develop the high-tech industry. Our site can be the next place where concentrates high-tech companies. Rather than introducing a single large industrial park, the site proposal is designed for different scales of companies, from large to startup companies. This combination of different scales of the industry can support the development of high-tech along the highway.

map 1-rail-01-01.jpg
map 3-interstate-01-01.jpg

Site Analysis - Click to Zoom in

master axon small.jpg

Master Axon - Click to Zoom in

Point A-01.jpg

Programs on the west: public library, conference center, and loop line station.

AXON point b small.jpg

Programs on the east: New Route 128/University Park Station and plaza.

detail_plan2_1207 small.jpg

Detail plan of the West programs

detail_plan_12072 small.jpg

Detail plan of the East programs

sections combined-01.jpg


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